Stephen J. Petruccelli DC, CCSP
Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner

Spinal Manipulation and Rehabilitation

Dr. Petruccelli focuses not on your pain, but on what structures
are causing your pain and aids in their repair with natural,
non-invasive, manual muscle and joint manipulation.
As a sports chiropractor, Dr. Petruccelli is adept at finding
vertebral motion dysfunction and misalignments that create pain.
He finds the underlying muscular or biomechanical cause of these
subluxations and treats the joint dysfunctions.
Dr. Petruccelli employs a variety of techniques and therapies to treat the origin of the pain, not just the symptoms. These include
manual manipulation, passive and active muscle release,
ultrasound, electric stimulation, massage, trigger point therapy,
post-isometric relaxation (PIR), and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).


Dr. Petruccelli treats a wide range of conditions and inuries including:
• back and neck pain
• hip and knee pain
• rotator cuff injuries
• tennis/golfer’s elbow
• whiplash
• sciatica
• carpal tunnel
• plantar fasciitis
• gluteal pain
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